Taylor Swift Drops End Game: Watch Here

January 12, 2018 - 5:30am

Taylor Swift's "End Game" music video, featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, is here. In it, Taylor dances around a luxury super yacht and other locations alongside several backup dancers. The video was shot in Tokyo, Japan, Miami, Florida, and London, England.

While Taylor was spotted filming the video last month, some fans noticed that one of her backup dancers looked a lot like Katy Perry. But it doesn't appear that Katy is in the video.

Meanwhile, a Swiftie Tumblr account called "chansukcatsmile" revealed that in the 20-second trailer for "End Game," the brief shot where she walks through the streets of Tokyo actually contains a number of hidden messages, in signs written in Japanese.

According to the fan, the Japanese characters spell out the words "End Game," "reputation," "Meredith" and "Olivia" - Taylor's cats' names - and two words from the song lyrics: "A-Team" and "your first string."

This information was retweeted by Taylor Swift Updates, an official Twitter feed from Taylor's team.

Taylor did something similar in her video for "…Ready For It?" scattering song titles and song lyrics throughout the clip, as well as references to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and her "End Game" duet partners Future and Ed Sheeran.

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