The Way I See It By Daniela Ginta
July 16, 2018 - 5:50am

KAMLOOPS — There is nothing like thick billows of wildfire smoke close to town to remind everyone that Mother Nature has an indubitable upper hand. Humbling.

Armchair Mayor By Mel Rothenburger
July 16, 2018 - 5:46am

KAMLOOPS— NOT TO WORRY, the eagles are ooooookay! Oh, yeah, and there was a big wildfire that could have burned down a lot of houses, too.

Refraction By Katie Neustaeter
July 15, 2018 - 10:50am

This week Miranda Hoffman sent a video to the CFJC Newsroom of a rattlesnake crossing her path out near Tranquille Creek. The Newsroom then posted that short clip to their social media.

Armchair Mayor By Mel Rothenburger
July 14, 2018 - 6:47am

SEVERAL WORDS COME TO MIND with respect to the open letter signed by five City councillors in support of proportional representation. Courageous. Creative. Strange.

Two & Out By James Peters
July 13, 2018 - 5:00am

WHEN YOU PUT YOUR City of Kamloops curbside recycling bins out on the street, how much do you think about what happens next to that material?

Armchair Mayor By Mel Rothenburger
July 12, 2018 - 5:44am

KAMLOOPS — SOMETIMES GOVERNMENT just makes bad decisions.

Armchair Mayor By Mel Rothenburger
July 11, 2018 - 6:36am

KAMLOOPS — WHY WAS ANYONE surprised at the cancellation of Greyhound bus service in Western Canada? You’d think it came straight out of the blue.

Armchair Mayor By Mel Rothenburger
July 10, 2018 - 6:52am

KAMLOOPS — IF YOUR SCHEDULE doesn’t allow you the time to take in Music in the Park or other local entertainment, the Public Inquiries section of City council meetings is a good alternative.

Plain Rhetoric By Bill McQuarrie
July 10, 2018 - 6:48am

KAMLOOPS — Sometimes, a column I write both saddens and disturbs me beyond all expectations and last week’s column was one of those.