Determined students take stand against homelessness in Vernon

By 1075 Beach Radio Vernon
March 4, 2018 - 11:29am

VERNON — It wasn’t quite the crowd they were expecting, but a small dedicated group of Grade 9 Seaton School students took their stand to City Hall Saturday to protest what they regard as the unfair treatment of homeless in our city.

The group has intentions of applying for a meeting with city council about their concern, which will happen later this year. They also have plans to continue to do fundraisers with the intentions to funnel all contributions to the homeless, as well as maintain the awareness.

The group is called Canadian Youth For Change and spokesperson Kieran Grandbois was pleased with Saturday’s introduction to their cause.

Grandbois reiterated that they were there to make a statement that homelessness is not being addressed to the degree it needs to. Not being against expanding and upgrading community recreation facilities…Grandbois cites “the millions that will be spent on a new pool facility coming up next year, may be better spent on assisting this part of our community that desperately needs funding to live better quality lives”.

The small but determined protest did draw the attention of passers-by, including a former homeless person who dropped by to compliment them on their initiative.

He suggested they talk to actual homeless people, which the group fully intends to do well before they make any formal presentation to City Hall.


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