Winds play havoc with Kamloops Airport flights for second straight day

By James Peters
October 17, 2017 - 11:43am

KAMLOOPS — The windy conditions in the BC Interior have presented problems for the Kamloops Airport.

But Airport Manager Heather McCarley says it depends more on the direction of the wind than the strength.

"Aircraft fly very well into wind, so that's a good thing. There may be a headwind that slows them down en route, for example," said McCarley. "Crosswinds are particularly challenging because it makes it a little more difficult for the aircraft to land and there comes a point when the airline may elect to cancel their flight for the sake of safety."

"Today, the winds are little bit more aligned with the runway, and so far we're not seeing any cancellations, though that may be possible today."

A few flights were cancelled Monday as crosswinds howled.

"Crosswinds are pretty routine at any airport, and we do have our crosswind runway, although it's for smaller aircraft. In this case, with the winds today, I think this is not very typical for Kamloops in general," said McCarley.

"Do check with their airline on which you're travelling. Or for people who are greeting friends and family in and out of the airport, the airlines have the best information for you."

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