Police concerned about motorists ignoring rules of the road

By Doug Collins
August 29, 2017 - 6:47am

KAMLOOPS — An accident on the Coquihalla highway yesterday is more evidence of motorists who ignore the rules of the road.

The accident involved a single vehicle rollover between the Logan Lake turnoff and the Inks Lake truck stop.

Ambulance, fire and police vehicles were all on scene dealing with the incident. But RCMP Corporal Jodi Shelkie says the situation was made much more stressful for emergency crews because many motorists driving by didn't heed the regulation that calls for motorists to slow down to 70 kilometers an hour when emergency vehicles are working at a scene, and move to the lane furthest from where the emergency vehicles are.

Shelki says it's hard to tend to victims of a crash when rescuers have to be wary of the public who don't follow the rules and create unnecessary dangers.

There is a fine for those violating the rules, but unless police commit further officers to attend a scene and watch for violators, it's hard to keep track of offenders. And that would tie up officers who could be needed at another incident. 

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