Kamloops "Unplugs and Plays" at the Big Little Science Centre

By Adam Donnelly
January 28, 2017 - 5:00pm Updated: January 30, 2017 - 6:23pm

KAMLOOPS — Literacy can take many forms, and spans wide variety of disciplines. this weekend, the big little science centre held an event as part of the interior savings unplug and play week, which was designed for kids to get away from tv, tablet and computer screens, and out creating memories by experiencing the science centre, first hand.

What does story time about snowy day have to do with dinosaurs? At the Big Little Science Centre on Saturday, it was all about leaving your mark. The weekend session was all about science literacy, as part of the final day of the Unplug and Play 2017 festivities going on all over the city.

“If you’re exposed to different kinds of literacy, you’re going to find different parts of the world you’re going to connect to the most,” said Susan Hammond, Assistant Operator at the BLSC told CFJC Today. “Hopefully, in those areas, that’s going to be a way you learn better… or differently than other people.”

There were a variety of activities planned, all based around different stories assistant operator at the BLSC, Hammond would read to those in attendance. Of course, everyone who visits the centre loves the Exploration Room, where they can get their hands on all kinds of fun, science related activities. For Hammond, literacy and science go hand in hand, which is why the bBig Little Science Centre got involved in the Unplug and Play campaign to begin with.




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