Marijuana dispensary in Aberdeen raises eyebrows

By Tanya Cronin
October 25, 2016 - 5:11pm Updated: December 2, 2017 - 11:11am

KAMLOOPS — It's a controversial issue that's made it's way to Aberdeen, and residents are expressing their concern. Plans to open up a medical marijuana dispensary on Hillside Drive is raising eyebrows with many of the residents living in the apartment complex above.    

Cannaclinics isn't operational yet but has set up shop in the strip mall underneath the Hillside Lofts apartment complex and within metres of a child-care centre. Residents living in the building addressed city council Tuesday afternoon with safety concerns, saying the dispensary will bring trouble to the area.

"This year alone they've had one fire bomb in Penticton, this exact company that's coming in someone drove through the front window of their store and robbed it, we all saw the armed robbery in Vancouver. It doesn't belong in a mixed-use building, we're there 24 hours a day and those businesses are there 10 hours a day, so when stuff happens at night it's these people here that are affected," says John Stewart, Resident of Hillside Lofts.  

While there has been no formal application by Cannaclinics for a business license, area residents feel allowing a pot dispensary in a residential complex is poor planning on the part of the city, and it should only be located in a commercial area. 

"We don't disagree with the practice of it, but it needs to be put in the correct location, so when they're putting these bylaws together, they take into account that this is some people's home where they put this," says Stewart.

City looks to crack down on pot dispensaries