Kamloops Fire Rescue thrilled about new training facility

By Adam Donnelly
September 21, 2016 - 4:17pm Updated: September 21, 2016 - 5:49pm

KAMLOOPS — Almost anytime Kamloops Fire Rescue responds to a call, they’re putting the safety of the community ahead of their own. on Tuesday, Kamloops council gave the green light to a brand new, state of the art training facility for KFR, as an investment in the safety of the whole community.

When a fire, like the one that happened on MacBeth place, August 29th breaks out in our homes, we rely on Kamloops Fire Rescue to come and put it out.

So when it comes to keeping their skills sharp, it’s important fire fighters are able to undertake regular training.

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“There’s requirements that have to be met, [in terms of] ongoing training that’s necessary for firefighters, in order for them to enter into a hostile environment, which our firefighters do on a regular basis,” KFR Chief Dale McLean explained to CFJC Today.

Thanks to a decision by Kamloops city council, KFR will get a brand new training facility; state of the art, to simulate real world fire situations.

“It’s absolutely critical that they get exposed to those kinds of environments on a regular basis,” McLean said. “For their own safety and their competency.”

Mike Adams, Deputy Chief in charge of Operations for KFR, says an unintended benefit of the new facility will be more sustainable practices: burning propane, as opposed to other combustibles.

“The upgrade from burning Class A combustibles… to doing propane, which is a cleaner burning fuel, the environmental impact [we have] will be lessened significantly,” said Adams.

Mayor Peter Milobar says the decision to fund the new facility will benefit not only the city, but the region as a whole.

“A well trained fire department is critical for Kamloops,” Milobar said. “With the training requirements, provincially, there’s a real opportunity there to step up training… for outlying, smaller detachments tat maybe can’t afford to go down to the Lower Mainland, or to the States for training.”

Chief McLean is thrilled with the investment in KFR this new facility represents.

“As the Fire Chief, I cannot express how happy I am that our council is seeing our vision, and are very supportive of our staff, and the safety of our staff.”


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