Fire crews hopping with struggling kitesurfer and motorhome fire

By Doug Collins
August 26, 2016 - 6:40am

KAMLOOPS —  Kamloops Fire and Rescue thought they might have to take to the water at Cooney Bay last night to bail out a kitesurfer who ran into some difficulty.

The man was out by himself on the water and had trouble getting back into shore. He took an hour and a half to swim to shore. He was noticed by a passerby who alerted the Fire Department, but the man made it to shore, tired but unhurt, by the time rescue crews got there. 

And no cause yet for a motorhome fire on Howe Road in Aberdeen last night. A resident called KFR just after 9 PM to say there was a fire in their motorhome parked at the residence. The woman's husband was working on the fire with a garden hose and had it pretty much under control when fire crews arrived.

Fire Prevention Officers will likely be on the scene this morning to see what might have caused the fire to break out. 

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