Kamloops Councillors dig for information on eastern mine tour

By Jill Sperling
May 1, 2016 - 9:04am Updated: May 1, 2016 - 2:18pm

KAMLOOPS — Three Kamloops City Councillors are getting a good look at how mining operations can impact nearby communities.

Mayor Peter Milobar, and Councillors Tina Lange and Denis Walsh continue their open-pit mine tour out east having spent the day in Timmins, Ontario on Saturday. 

The tour is hoped to assist in the analysis of the proposed KGHM-Ajax project here at home. 

The council members witnessed a blast inside the pit at the Goldcorp mine site. Mayor Milobar said he expected the mine to cause more of a disruption. 

"I'm finding it a little surprising how little noise or dust there actually is," Milobar said. "Whether that's climatic for the time of year right now or a case of what can actually happen for dust suppression, I guess that really translates back to home in terms of what Ajax is proposing to do."

The Councillors also met with the mayor and council of Timmins, as well as a concerned community member. 

Milobar said their conversations have shed light on how communities are affected by mine activity. 

"I think it demonstrates a need to make sure there are very tight regulations and follow through on it," Milobar said, "and a very clear understanding of what minimums actually mean in terms of dust."

Milobar said he was hearing that even when a mining site meets the minimum requirement for dust suppression it doesn't mean there will be no dust in the community. 

He added the mines they are visiting are significantly closer to communities than the Ajax site would be. 

The Councillors visit Malartic, Quebec Sunday.

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