Grinch targets Kamloops business

By Tanya Cronin
December 21, 2015 - 4:17pm Updated: December 21, 2015 - 5:56pm

KAMLOOPS — The holiday spirit wasn't in the air last week for Kamloops business owner Diane Stetar.

"I'm overwhelmed, emotionally, physically, just overwhelmed," says Stetar.

Tuesday night, Diane's Aberdeen party store, A Favour to Remember, was robbed. The brazen thief or thieves making off with thousands of dollars in cash, merchandise, and several of her children's Christmas presents, she hadn't brought home yet.

"The cash register they cut the cord, took the cash register, they took the money bag, we have a tablet for our kids to watch and the tablet has games on it for our children. A couple of the games that work for our eldest who has special needs, they took that."

It was about 6 o'clock in the evening when Diane left work with intentions of returning later that same night, to finish off inventory, and take cash to the bank. But a migraine prevented her from coming back, and thieves took advantage, breaking through construction in the front of the building.

"The windows are out, so they pushed in the plywood that covered windows and where they're doing construction here, they've got this wall built out about 4 feet with plastic covering it, so they cut the plastic and came in."

"I'm standing beside a gumball machine, this is the first time in my career as an ex-policeman, they took the whole damn gumball machine," says Mark Price, with Kamloops Crimestoppers.

$10,000 in party supplies, specialty candy and cash, all stolen. Crimestoppers is asking anyone with information to come forward.

"It is low, very low, a new business starting up, with Crimestoppers let's get it out there, you know something, do the right thing and give us a call and let police do the rest," says Price.

A Favour to Remember, has been open in Kamloops since May, but only on Hugh Allan Drive for less than a month. With no insurance, the theft is a huge hit to Diane Stetar's business. She's now left trying to rebuild, and salvage Christmas for her four children.

"We didn't transfer the insurance from our last store on Lansdowne, to this store. Techically, they don't have to give us a cent, and I'm of course worried that they won't, but I don't know," says Stetar.

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