Can anyone tell me what the parties stand for?

One Man's Opinion
By Doug Collins
March 28, 2017 - 5:00am

KAMLOOPS — I’ve said before I hate attack ads. The Teachers started one last week blasting the Liberals for years of what they say are longstanding cuts to B.C.’s education system. Others are blasting the NDP and running at John Horgan. None of these campaigns does much for me, because they don’t address the heart of the issue. And the issue is- what do you really stand for? What will you do that will make your party worth voting for? Why would the Liberals want to run at a guy who most people in B.C. don’t even know?

I agree with political scientist Hamish Telford, often quoted in B.C. media. He suggests the ads running down Horgan may actually benefit him, because people might actually want to know who he is. Maybe they’ll like him. Why give him added publicity? Doesn’t make sense to me. And everyone knows the B.C. Teachers and the B.C. Federation of Labour aren’t strong supporters of the Liberal Party. Will their comments create a backlash in favour of Christy Clark? These ads say nothing more other than their opponent shouldn’t receive your vote. I say- why? Why should I vote for John Horgan? What does his party stand for?

I went on the NDP site Monday, and under each issue, there is virtually nothing to say about what the NDP stands for. Under virtually every issue, there is some attack on the Liberals and a form you can sign to show you’re with John. Nothing about what John stands for, just a statement that the NDP are better than the Liberals. That’s not enough. You have to do more than that to get my vote. The government always has the advantage. They have facts and figures they can use to their advantage. It’s not good enough to say “John Horgan stands for sustainability” Or words to that effect. What will he do to create sustainability?

From the “Education” section of the NDP web site, we find this statement.

“Christy Clark doesn’t care about BC’s public schools or the students who learn there. Attacking parents, communities and those who stand up for them won't solve the problem. Add your name if you agree.”

What I want to know is what does John Horgan propose to change that? And how exactly will he carry that out? And where exactly will he get the money?  That’s what I want to know. The site suggests Christy Clark has done nothing but cut budgets and raise fees. Does the NDP propose to raise budgets and cut fees? Which seems to be what they’re suggesting if you follow the logic. How is that possible?

If you want my vote May 9th, you have to do better than make vague statements and ask me to fill out a form suggesting that I agree. Hollow promises mean nothing. The opposition has to propose something that people will buy into if they want to change the government May 9th. I ain’t buying much so far. 

Maybe it's just a matter of waiting. I did notice, to be fair, both Horgan and Green Party leader Andrew Weaver did get more specific Monday on visits to Kamloops. Horgan unveiled his party's forestry policy wherein he was more specific about keeping forestry jobs here in B.C. and fighting for more logs to be processed here rather than overseas. Maybe I'm just a little impatient. But the election is less than two months away, and it's time to start getting specific so voters can determine who they want to vote for.