Kamloops RCMP kicks off National Police Week Saturday

By Adam Donnelly
May 14, 2018 - 4:49pm Updated: May 14, 2018 - 6:07pm

KAMLOOPS — May 13th to 19th is National Police Week in Canada; it began in 1970, as a way for local police forces to connect with their communities, and give residents insight into the services the police provide. On Saturday, some officers and auxiliary members from the Kamloops RCMP detachment were at the Tournament Capital Centre, meeting members of the Kamloops community.

Kids of all ages were excited to see Safety Bear and some of his RCMP buddies down at the Tournament Capital Centre on Saturday morning, where they were out celebrating the start of National Police Week.

“Well, I think for the police, a lot of times when they’re called it’s not because people want them there, it’s because of an emergency,” Auxiliary RCMP member Thomas Gibson told CFJC Today. “For us to be out engaging with the community and the people that live in it, it just builds that better rapport.”

Along with local RCMP and RCMP Auxiliary members, volunteers from the City’s Community Safety Department were also there. These volunteers work with the RCMP in many different ways to help ensure the safety of those in the community. Julien Peron volunteers with the City’s Speed Watch Program and with the Citizens on Patrol.

“We actually go out on nights, days, whenever and just making sure the community is safe and in check,” Peron explained. “We’re eyes and ears for the RCMP, so it really does help.”

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