Premier Horgan visits Kamloops modular home manufacturer, strengthens commitment to housing in BC

By Adam Donnelly
May 5, 2018 - 2:40pm

KAMLOOPS — Saturday morning, Premier John Horgan was at Horizon North, in the Mount Paul Industrial Park, to reinforce the link between his government’s housing plans and the jobs created building those homes.

“The projects that we’re focused on today are the 2000 units announced last September,” Horgan told the gathered crowd and media. “Right here in Kamloops, there will 114 units - with a facility of Victoria [Street] and a facility on Tranquille [Road].”

The Premier was treated to a tour of Horizon North’s state of the art production facility, including an opportunity to try out one of the high tech design tools the company uses to help clients see their building, even before any nails are hammered.

“We were able to go to a public company called Dirt, and utilize their ICE 3-D simulation software,” Horizon North President and CEO Rod Graham explained. “As we go forward, I think the integration of technology into how you manufacture and construct product is going to become more and more important, and for us to be at the forefront of that is something I’m quite proud of.”

Horizon North is just one of the companies who will be building modular homes as part of the Government’s plan to address homelessness across British Columbia, but as a result of the BC Government’s supportive housing program, the company has increased their workforce significantly across the province.

“I’m pleased to say that over the past 12 months we’ve increased our British Columbia personnel headcount across all aspects of our business,” Graham told those at the press event. “ Design, engineered, project management, quality assurance, skilled trades, labourers and truck drivers. Those jobs have been created because of the programs.”

Premier Horgan acknowledged the work Horizon North does to create jobs allows their employees to work close to home, instead of travelling to make a living.

“I know the value to families of coming to the same place every day to ply your trade, and to be able to go home knowing that you’re coming back to the same place tomorrow,” Horgan said. “[That’s] a level of comfort for the sector as well, so there are numerous benefits.’

These 2000 homes announced last fall are just the start of the provincial government’s plans to make housing a priority for the residents of British Columbia

“A $7 billion dollar investment is what we’re proposing over the next 10 years,” Horgan said. “Because housing is the number one issue for people in British Columbia.”

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