Downtown Kamloops library renovations progressing nicely

By Adam Donnelly
March 2, 2018 - 4:27pm Updated: March 2, 2018 - 5:24pm

KAMLOOPS — It’s been a week since the downtown Kamloops branch of the TNRD Library has been closed and in that short time construction and renovation crews have been busy. While it’s still a long road ahead until the library is ready to reopen, there’s some excitement building about the project.

Showcasing the views from the downtown library’s second floor will be just one of the highlights for Chief Librarian Judy Moore, once the renovations on the space are complete. As of Friday, it’s one week down and around five more weeks to go.

“We’re on day five and I have to say we’re absolutely delighted with the progress we’re making this week,” Moore told CFJC Today.

Library staff have begun papering over the windows, as crews have been laying down new flooring, and painting interior walls. Moore says she’s hoping to keep the renovations as secret as possible, so the big reveal will be a surprise for patrons.

“We might leave a little peephole in the children’s library… We are really excited, and we want to do like a major unveiling of the space for the public,” Moore said.

Along with the aesthetic upgrades, Moore says the renovation is an opportunity to help make functional changes to improve the spaces on each floor of the library space.

“We're trying to develop spaces that are quite different from one another,” Moore explained. “Upstairs we’re going to have a quiet study space. The majority of our adult print collection will be moving upstairs, which will be a change for us. Here on the main floor, we’re going to see a bit more wild rumpus.”

The upgrades are expected to be completed in early April. If you currently have library materials signed out, don’t worry - Moore says you can hold onto the items until the library re-opens, without worrying about any late charges.

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