SD73 considers ‘closer look’ at policies following alleged sexual assaults

By Jon Azpiri / Geoff Hastings — Global News
February 8, 2018 - 3:30pm

KAMLOOPS — Following a Global News report on an alleged assault at a Kamloops elementary school, another parent is coming forward alleging their school and school district didn't do enough when her child was assaulted by a classmate.

The mother, who asked not to be identified, said her daughter claims she was assaulted by a classmate in a Kamloops school, three weeks ago.

"She was in tears," the mother said. "She said that she was tired of the harassment that she had been receiving, that we didn't know it had been going on for months.

"She had been sexually harassed, including unwanted touching."

She said school officials and the RCMP spoke to the boy at the centre of the allegations. The family has decided not to pursue charges but they're unhappy with the school's investigation and policy.

"When we asked about a sexual harassment policy, I was laughed at and I was told that there is no specific sexual harassment policy because it wasn't needed."

She is pushing for an updated sexual harassment policy, and improvements to how cases are investigated and how victims are treated.

"We don't have specific policies in place for sexual harassment," the mother said. "It's very dismissive, it almost says it doesn't exist."

Kamloops-Thompson School District Superintendent Alison Sidow says the district is considering a second look at its policy surrounding student behaviour.

"I want to see our schools safe for everyone. The vast majority of students would say, 'Yes, they are.' But we need every student to feel that way. So let's take action. Let's move forward," said Sidow.

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