How much does Kamloops spend on snow clearing compared to other BC cities?

By James Peters
January 18, 2018 - 12:33pm

KAMLOOPS — With the community debate around City of Kamloops snow clearing practices raging, a comparison shows BC cities are widely varied in how much money they set aside for clearing their streets.

Kamloops budgeted $1.626 million for snow clearing last year.

That's nearly as much as the City of Kelowna, a significantly larger municipality with a similar climate.

But the budgeted expenditure in Kamloops is only about one-fifth that of Prince George, a slightly smaller community.

However, adding average annual snowfall throws another wrinkle into the equation.

Prince George receives a whopping 205.1 centimetres of snow every year, according to Environment Canada.

That's more than three times what Kamloops receives, at 63.5 centimetres.

Here is a table comparing six BC Interior communities:


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