KIBIHT celebrates 50 years, begins tomorrow

By Earl Seitz
January 2, 2018 - 2:09pm

KAMLOOPS — It began as a dream of the late Bud Fraser and Eldie Dever ----- to host an international bantam hockey tournament involving teams from all over North America and Europe.

Beginning tomorrow the Kamloops International Bantam Hockey Tournament will celebrate 50 years.

Twelve teams will play in the Randy Lindros tier one division with sixteen in the tier two Founders Division.

Kamloops will have a team in each division.

Over it's first 49 years some of the KIBIHT alumni include Mario Lemieux, Jari Kurri, Mark Recchi and Joe Sakic, who all went on to star in the NHL.

Following are the game schedules:

 Tier one schedule:

Game # Date Time On Time Off Rink HOME AWAY
8 03-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm NHL South Zone Knights Chilliwack Bruins
9 03-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm Memorial Victoria Racquet Club Prince George Cougars
11 03-Jan 3:00pm 5:15pm OLY North Zone Kings West Vancouver Warriors
12 03-Jan 7:15pm 9:30pm NHL Thompson Blazers NSWC Winterhawks
13 03-Jan 7:45pm 10:00pm OLY Balgonie Prairie Storm Abbotsford Hawks
14 03-Jan 8:00pm 10:15pm Memorial Calgary Sabres North Vancouver Storm
23 04-Jan 12:00am 2:15pm NHL Chilliwack Bruins Prince George Cougars
24 04-Jan 12:00am 2:15pm Memorial North Zone Kings Calgary Sabres
25 04-Jan 12:00am 2:15pm Brock South Zone Knights  Victoria Racquet Club
26 04-Jan 12:30pm 2:45pm OLY NSWC Winterhawks Abbotsford Hawks
27 04-Jan 2:30pm 4:15pm NHL West Vancouver Warriors North Vancouver Storm
28 04-Jan 2:30pm 4:15pm Memorial Thompson Blazers Balgonie Prairie Storm
37 05-Jan 7:00am 9:15am NHL Chilliwack Bruins Victoria Racquet Club
38 05-Jan 7:00am 9:15am Memorial Abbotsford Hawks Thompson Blazers
39 05-Jan 7:30am 9:45am OLY Prince George Cougars South Zone Knights
40 05-Jan 9:30am 11:45am NHL West Vancouver Warriors Calgary Sabres
41 05-Jan 9:30am 11:45am Memorial NSWC Winterhawks Balgonie Prairie Storm
42 05-Jan 10:00am 12:15pm OLY North Zone Kings North Vancouver Storm
Playoff Schedule
51 05-Jan 5:00pm 7:15pm NHL #1 #8
52 05-Jan 5:00pm 7:15pm Memorial #9 #12
53 05-Jan 5:30pm 7:45pm OLY #4 #5
54 05-Jan 7:30pm 9:45pm NHL #2 #7
55 05-Jan 7:30pm 9:45pm Memorial #10 #11
56 05-Jan 8:00pm 10:15pm OLY #3 #6
65 06-Jan 12:00pm 2:15pm NHL W51 W53
66 06-Jan 12:00pm 2:15pm Memorial W52 W55
67 06-Jan 12:30pm 2:45pm OLY  W54 W56
68 06-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm NHL L51 L53
69 06-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm Memorial L52 L55
70 06-Jan 3:00pm 5:15pm OLY L54 L56
73 07-Jan 7:30am 9:45am OLY (Tier 1 "B" Winner) W68 W70
76 07-Jan 10:15am 12:30pm OLY (Tier 1 Consolation) L65 L67
78 07-Jan 1:00pm 3:15pm OLY (Tier 1 Final) W65 W67


Tier two schedule:

1 03-Jan 9:30am 11:45pm NHL Thompson Zone Blazers Chilliwack Bruins
2 03-Jan 9:30am 11:45am Brock Campbell River Tyees Beaumont Braves
3 03-Jan 10:00am 12:15pm OLY Yellowknife Wolfpack Prince George Cougars
4 03-Jan 12:00pm 2:15pm NHL South Zone Knights Olds Grizzlies
5 03-Jan 12:00pm 2:15pm Memorial Williams Lake Timberwolves Surrey Thunder
6 03-Jan 12:00pm 2:15pm Brock POE Varsity Vancouver Minor Hockey
7 03-Jan 12:30pm 2:45pm OLY Spokane  Jr Chiefs Calgary Canucks
10 03-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm Brock OHA Varsity Red Deer Steel Kings
15 04-Jan 7:00am 9:15am NHL Vancouver Minor Hockey Calgary Canucks
16 04-Jan 7:00am 9:15am Memorial POE Varsity Spokane Jr Chiefs
17 04-Jan 7:00am 9:15am Brock South Zone Knights Williams Lake Timberwolves
18 04-Jan 7:30am 9:45am OLY Olds Grizzlies Surrey Thunder
19 04-Jan 9:30am 11:45am NHL OHA Varsity Yellowknife Wolfpack
20 04-Jan 9:30am 11:45am Memorial Thompson Zone Blazers Campbell River Tyees
21 04-Jan 9:30am 11:45am Brock Red Deer Steel Kings Prince George Cougars
22 04-Jan 10:00am 12:15pm OLY Chilliwack  Bruins Beaumont Braves
29 04-Jan 2:30pm 4:15pm Brock Vancouver Minor Hockey Spokane Jr Chiefs
30 04-Jan 3:00pm 4:45pm OLY Olds Grizzlies Williams Lake Timberwolves
31 04-Jan 4:30pm 6:45pm NHL Calgary Canucks POE Varsity
32 04-Jan 4:30pm 6:45pm Memorial Surrey Thunder South Zone Knights
33 04-Jan 4:30pm 6:45pm Brock Prince George Cougars OHA Varsity
34 04-Jan 5:00pm 7:15pm OLY Chilliwack  Bruins Campbell River Tyees
35 04-Jan 7:00pm 9:15pm NHL Red Deer Steel Kings Yellowknife Wolfpack
36 04-Jan 7:30pm 9:45pm OLY Beaumont Braves Thompson Zone Blazers
Playoff Schedule
Game # Date Time On Time Off Rink HOME AWAY
43 05-Jan 12:00am 2:15pm NHL #1 #8
44 05-Jan 12:00am 2:15pm Memorial #9 #16
45 05-Jan 12:00am 2:15pm Brock #12 #13
46 05-Jan 12:30pm 2:45pm OLY #4 #5
47 05-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm NHL #2 #7
48 05-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm Memorial #10 #15
49 05-Jan 2:30pm 4:45pm Brock #11 #14
50 05-Jan 3:00pm 5:15pm OLY #3 #6
57 06-Jan 7:00am 9:15am NHL W43 W46
58 06-Jan 7:00am 9:15am Memorial L43 L46
59 06-Jan 7:00am 9:15am Brock L47 L50
60 06-Jan 7:30am 9:45am OLY W47 W50
61 06-Jan 9:30am 11:45am NHL W44 W45
62 06-Jan 9:30am 11:45am Memorial L44 L45
63 06-Jan 9:30am 11:45am Brock L48 L49
64 06-Jan 10:00am 12:15pm OLY W48 W49
71 07-Jan 7:00am 9:15am NHL (Tier 2 "B" Winner) W58 W59
72 07-Jan 7:00am 9:15am Memorial W62 W63
74 07-Jan 9:30am 11:45am Memorial W61 W64
75 07-Jan 9:45am 12:00am NHL (Tier 2 Consolation) L57 L60
77 07-Jan 12:30pm 2:45pm NHL (Tier 2 Final) W57 W60


Kamloops rinks open with wins at B.C. Scotties