More snow in store for Kamloops

By Adam Donnelly
December 28, 2017 - 4:29pm Updated: December 28, 2017 - 5:41pm

KAMLOOPS — Many parts of the southern Interior are dealing with steady snowfall this week, and Kamloops is no exception. The constant flurries are leading residents to wonder when we’re going to get a break? According to Environment Canada, the answer is not just yet, with the latest forecast models predicting the snow to keep coming until the weekend.

With city crews busy dealing with the effects of the snow, we took a look at how they and residents of Kamloops are handling the wintery blanket covering our region.

In just a few short weeks, we’ve gone from no snow to plenty of snow, and the white stuff keeps on coming. Which is keeping the city, and private snow removal companies plenty busy.

Len Lust, snow removal technician, has been busy manning his shovel, and telling CFJC Today his crews had shovelled “four or five inches” as of this morning.

“Just go hard, or go home,” Lust said is his motto.

Glen Farrow, City Manager for Streets and Environmental services says as more snow accumulates, the priorities for his crews are clearing the main roads throughout Kamloops

“With the continued snow that we’re seeing, we’re expecting more and more snow as we move into the weekend, so with that [the City] is continuing to run three shifts per day,” Farrow said. “Between trucks, graders, sidewalk ploughs, we tap out at around 10 staff per shift,” but also added they can hold over four staff per shift, to have as many as 14 pieces of equipment working in the event of a major snowfall.

While city staff work hard to ensure the roads and walkways are kept clear for motorists and pedestrians, sometimes, it’s the cars that aren’t moving that can cause problems for plough drivers.

“Park off the streets,” Farrow asked of city residents. “The [fewer] vehicles on the street when we’re blowing, the better job we can do.”

And of course, everyone’s favourite subject is windrows. Farrow says they’re nearly unavoidable when city crews have this much to do.

“It’s often a complaint here within the city, the amount of windrows and the size of the windrows,” Farrow said. “We’re not stated or funded to remove those windrows, especially on those cul-de-sacs and those local roads.”

But it’s not all wintery work out there. This much snow makes for prime sledding and shredding conditions anywhere you can find a hill. Evan Christian and Travis Mackney try to get out whenever they get a chance.

“It’s a tradition,” Christian said. “Every year I come home and take the shred stick out and get some laps.”

Whether you’re working, or playing, prepare for more accumulation of the white stuff into the weekend, before things get cold once again into 2018.

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