Unwanted explosives? RCMP offer free pickup

By James Peters
October 11, 2017 - 3:17pm

KAMLOOPS — RCMP are asking citizens to leave their unwanted explosives at home after a frightening incident at the downtown Kamloops detachment.

"Recently, a citizen came to our main detachment on Battle Street to turn in some blasting caps that they no longer wanted," said Cpl. Jodi Shelkie. "It was unknown what state these explosives were in and the situation had the potential to be dangerous."

Shelkie says it's best that unwanted ordnances or incendiary devices should stay where they are.

"We understand that most people are well-meaning and don't want to bother the police with attending their residences to pick up any explosives that they may have," she said. 

"But we really ask, for the safety of the public and the employees at our police station and officers, that you call us here at the RCMP detachment and we'll send police officers to come to your residence and safely take away the explosives.

"Some people just don't realize that the integrity of these explosives may have changed because of different environmental factors in their home - whether they've been exposed to sunlight or not exposed. Even humidity and dryness in the air can have an impact on how they react, and they could explode."

Shelkie says this is the first incident in recent memory of undesired ordnances being brought into the downtown detachment.

She says that type of action is more typical with old guns.

"The same message goes for firearms. If you have firearms at home, give us a call and we'll gladly come and get them," said Shelkie. 

"Please don't bring it to the police station. It causes us to go on high alert when we see people walking in carrying guns."

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