Kamloops RCMP would like to hear your bull stories

By James Peters
August 31, 2017 - 8:45am

KAMLOOPS — The bull that went missing from the Kamloops stockyard in Dallas last week has gained quite a following on social media.

But Kamloops RCMP say that's the problem.

Cpl. Jodi Shelkie says the bull has been spotted numerous times since his great escape, but members of the public are more interested in sharing their experiences on social media than with the police.

"The missing bull has been seen in both Dallas and Juniper Ridge. We have heard that people are posting on social media where they have seen the bull, but they're not calling the police," said Shelkie. "So we're a few steps behind the bull. We're still trying to locate him."

"We're asking if you do see the bull, to contact the police first. Give us the last known direction he was heading and hopefully we can find him and keep the neighbourhood safe."

Shelkie says there have been no reports of the bull charging at people, but that could change at any time.

"It's only been on social media, so we've had no reports of the bull being aggressive toward anybody. But we do know that he had shown aggression when he was at the livestock yard, and also he has torn down numerous fences," said Shelkie.

"We're considering that this bull is very unpredictable and we think he's dangerous, as well."

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