Semi-truck destroyed in fiery crash near Spences Bridge

By James Peters
May 24, 2017 - 3:04pm

SPENCES BRIDGE, B.C. — An elderly couple and a semi-truck driver were lucky to escape with their lives after a fiery crash near Spences Bridge this morning.

RCMP say it happened at about 8:45 a.m., six kilometres north of Spences Bridge on the Trans Canada Highway.

The couple, who are in their 80s, were in a pickup truck that was sideswiped by a transport truck heading north.

"The commercial vehicle had encroached into the opposing lane and encountered the other truck, which was southbound," said Cpl. Dan Moskaluk of Southeast District RCMP. "The driver of the pickup truck was able to avoid a head-on collision with the semi, however still did get sideswiped."

The transport truck exploded into flames after the crash, but Moskaluk says the driver managed to make it out.

"The collision occurred in a portion of the highway that has the rock bluff on one side and the river on the other side. The truck did impact with the side of the embankment and did burst into flames, however the driver of the commercial truck was able to exit the vehicle safely."

Moskaluk notes the crash and fire appeared to cause minimal impact to the environment.

"The truck was pulling a trailer that was empty at the time. There was a small amount of diesel spillage that we've been able to determine was essentially just from the fuel tanks on the truck itself."

"The fire from the truck did cause some concerns for the area, given where it is. At times, we have seen wildfires start as a result of these collision fires. In this case here, fire departments worked very carefully and quickly to ensure that the fire in the vehicle didn't spread to the side hills."

The Trans Canada was closed for several hours this morning, but traffic is now getting through.

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