Surprise snowfall shocks Kamloops residents

By James Peters / Chad Harris
March 8, 2017 - 5:30am Updated: March 8, 2017 - 12:30pm

KAMLOOPS — After calls for a few flurries in yesterday's weather forecast, Kamloops residents awoke to a major dump of snow this morning.

Streets and Environmental Services Manager Glen Farrow says city of Kamloops street crews have concentrated on clearing arterial routes since the snow began to fall.

"For the majority of our afternoon, and evening shifts we were focusing on some sweeping in the Downtown core, as well as filling potholes. Unfortunately in the early hours this morning, around 4am, we had to shift from those activities to snow clearing," 

Farrow says it's frustrating that his crews haven't been able to fully turn their attention to preparing for spring yet.

"Unfortunately this one last night we weren't able to pre-plow or anything like that. It was just a big dump, and in a small window to get that much snow it creates a challenge for early morning motorists."

He notes, over the past five years, his crews have always been fully engaged in street-sweeping throughout the city by this time in March.

"It's funny, we look over the last 5 years, and in March by this point we had done a lot of our spring clean-up, especially in the North Shore, Downtown cores. This year we haven't officially started our Spring clean-up yet. We've picked up a bit of material Downtown, but really we are just delayed, delayed with these current snowfalls."

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