Second Kamloops school finds elevated lead levels in water

By James Peters
February 2, 2017 - 12:33pm Updated: February 2, 2017 - 1:12pm

KAMLOOPS — Summit Elementary isn't the only school in Kamloops to register elevated lead levels in a recent water test.

District 73 Health and Safety Manager Michelle Marginet says the Twin Rivers Education Centre in Brocklehurst has also reported a positive test.

Marginet says the tests were mandated by the province, and the district is taking them seriously.

She notes parents should pay attention to their children's well-being.

"Children who are still in the developmental stages have increased risk because of their age and their development," said Marginet. "So parents who have concerns might want to contact their physician."

Water fountains and taps have been bagged at both schools.

Students are being told to bring water from home, and are being offered bottled water.

Marginet says the good news for Kamloops residents is, because of the low acidity of our water, lead doesn't leach very readily.

"Because our water isn't acidic, there is less opportunity for the lead to leach out of any plumbing sources internal to the school or to the facility on site. Other school districts in other areas of the province have had a much greater issue with the lead because of the composition of their water unique to that area."

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