Another Domtar fire one of two fires keeping crews busy Tuesday night

By Doug Collins
January 18, 2017 - 6:49am

KAMLOOPS — A shed fire on the North Shore last night kept fire crews busy. It was one of two blazes KFR crews had to deal with last night.

Platoon Captain Steve Butchart says North Shore crews were called out to attend the blaze, which was confined to the shed itself and its contents. Butchart says the fire was at the intersection of Dot and Yew Street, just off McKenzie Avenue. 

"It was just basically contents that had burned. The shed didn't burn down completely," says the Platoon Captain.  "no cause on that one yet, investigators will be back at the scene this morning."

Earlier in the evening, crews were called to the Domtar Pulp mill for a small blaze.

"About 9:30 PM we got called to Domtar," says Butchart. "Down in their steam plant area there is a piece of equipment, a motor generator, that malfunctioned down there and sprayed some type of oil that covered one of the steam pipes."

Butchart said the steam pipe was extremely hot, and when the oil hit  the pipe, it caught on fire, spreading to some of the insulation close by.

Butchart says  " the crews at Domtar jumped into action quickly and had the fire pretty much out by the time we got there. There was still some burning in a little of the insulation and we took care of that. It was good work on their part to deal with it quickly before it could get any bigger. " 

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