Fire crews quickly stamp out small fire at Domtar

By Doug Collins
January 5, 2017 - 5:14am

KAMLOOPS —  Fire crews braved the extreme cold and icy conditiions last night to put out a small fire at the Domtar mill at Mission Flats.

KFR were called to the scene about 8:45 last night, to assist Domtar emergency personnel deal with a fire that had made its way between two panels on the outside wall of one of the buildings.

It took some time to get the blaze out as crews had to get into the wall to deal with the blaze, and the cold weather coupled with freezing water from fighting the fire created some problems in tackling the source.

But after a couple of hours work, crews were able to get the small fire completely extinguished.

Platoon Captain Geoff Bell says the fire was likely the result of some sawdust building up in the spaces between the inner and outer walls.

He says they responded in full force because of the size of the mill, but in the end, there was little structure damage and the fire turned out to be quite small. 

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