Drug seizure on St. Paul Street results in two arrests

By Doug Collins
November 3, 2016 - 8:25am Updated: November 3, 2016 - 12:13pm

KAMLOOPS —  RCMP have arrested two people and expect a third arrest following a drug seizure last week.

In a news release, Corporal Jodi Shelkie says police raided a home in the 700 block St. Paul Street last Thursday and seized a significant amount of cash and drugs, as well as drug packaging and drum consumption material.

Shelkie says the residence had been the subject of frequent complaints from residents in the area because of alleged criminal activity.

Corporal Shelkie says in executing the warrant, police seized 107 grams of cocaine and $12,000 in cash along with the packaging and consumption material. They arrested a 48-year old man and a 48-year old woman, both known to police. 

They were released at the time, but then yesterday, police found both of them in breach of the conditions of their release and they are now in jail cells awaiting an appearance before a judge. 

A third person is expected to be arrested in the coming weeks in connection with the seizure. 

Corporal Shelkie says "Any time drugs are removed from the streets it makes our community safer."

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