Transplant recipient shares experience during Kidney Walk

By Jill Sperling / Adam Donnelly
September 25, 2016 - 3:13pm Updated: September 26, 2016 - 12:26pm

KAMLOOPS — A local woman says a kidney transplant not only saved her life, but also changed her life. 

Margaret Thompson was a co-honouree at the 2016 Kamloops Kidney Walk Sunday morning. 

Thompson received a new kidney five years ago, after six and a half years spent on dialysis. 

She says her transplant gave her a second chance at life. 

"With a transplant it gives you the opportunity to relive your life again in perhaps a better manner than what you were doing before," Thompson said. "You have that awareness of what it's like before to have a nonexistent life."

Thompson says it means a lot that she can now help out in the community.

The Kidney Walk was held at MacDonald Park this morning (September 25) to raise awareness and money for kidney transplantation and organ donation.

"It's incredible the amount of money that people do have to put out," Thompson said, "Buses, HandyDART, taxis when you can't drive. When you have your transplant and you're staying at St. Paul's, I was one of the lucky ones to stay at a kidney suite, provided all services by The Kidney Foundation."

She said the walk ensures those services can continue for transplant patients. 

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