Brooks back as B.C. Conservative leader

By CKPG News
September 19, 2016 - 6:35am

PRINCE GEORGE —  The BC Conservative Party has once again elected Vanderhoof business owner Dan Brooks as its leader.

Brooks took 52.1% of the votes in the election in which 472 votes were cast. Kelowna financial adviser Konrad Pimiskern received 47.9% of the votes.

Brook says despite it being such a close race, he wishes to keep the party on the same page. “BC Conservatives want a unified party in 2017,” he said.  “I’m certainly going to reach out to everybody who supported the other candidates and make sure that they feel a part of this party and a part of the solution to the problems BC faces in the next election.”

One of the first priorities he says he will focus on is the economy. “It’s all about jobs and economic growth,” he said. “We want to build a pipeline across British Columbia from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.”

However, Brooks is facing a lot of protests, especially from First Nations groups who oppose the development of pipelines. “I think there are many First Nations in this province who do want to support and be a part of a pipeline to the coast and if they do, we’re going to have those conversations with First Nations,” he said.  “I’m not going to bend to protest movements that are anti-development, that are designed to set our province back economically, I’m interested in who are the partners, especially First Nations who are willing to work with us and building those relationships so we can make this happen.”

When asked if he had enough time to put together a strong party, Brooks said he believes in his team. “I’ve tasked the new board of directors to immediately start recruiting candidates so we can field a full slate of candidates in 2017,” he said. “There’s never enough time in politics, but I believe many British Columbians will support the concept of a pipeline to tidewater and they want to see that happen.” They know it’s important not to just British Columbians, but to all of Canada.”

Brooks will run in the Nechako-Lakes constituency come the provincial election in May 2017

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