Community comes together to find missing man

By Jill Sperling
July 8, 2016 - 10:04am

LOGAN LAKE, B.C. — The community of Logan Lake banded together to help find a missing elderly man with dementia Thursday. 

The man had wandered away from his wife in the afternoon. 

When local RCMP and search teams were unable to locate the man after approximately three hours of searching they called in teams from Merritt and Kamloops.

Alan Hobler, volunteer search manager for Kamloops Search and Rescue, says the search teams were greatly assisted by members of the community. 

"One of the biggest contributing factors to locating the person was a large portion of the town was also out looking," Hobler said. "They were driving all the streets and roads, that allowed the trained searchers to go out and search the harder, higher risk areas."

Hobler says an SAR dog had located some of the man's clothing in a wooded area, which had been concerning. 

He says the man was spotted back in town shortly after 6 p.m. approximately six hours after having gone missing. 

Hobler says the man was "a little cranky and belligerent" as is common with people in advanced stages of dementia. 

The man was, however, in good health. 

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