Board of Education to revisit school name change

By Doug Collins
April 4, 2016 - 2:32pm

KAMLOOPS — School District 73 may be about to backtrack on the name change for a local school.

With Fine Arts students from both of the Beattie School of the Arts campuses joining together in one campus this fall, the Board decided earlier in the spring to rename the old Beattie School on McGill Road, and call it the McGill Road elementary school.

Subsequently, former teacher Sheila Park brought some historical information to the Board regarding the Beattie family name.

The Board referred the matter to committee and during the discussion, it was determined that the original name change motion wasn't done correctly.

So the Board is reconsidering the matter tonight, April 4, and there's an indication the Board will change the name back to Beattie Elementary. 

Meanwhile, schools are gearing up for the last big push toward the end of the school year. Spring break ends today, and students will be back in class tomorrow, April 5. 

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