Fans from across the globe show their support at Women's World Hockey Championship

By Tarrah Harvey
April 1, 2016 - 5:51pm

KAMLOOPS —  Behind every team at the Women's World Hockey Championships is a support system. Fans filled the stands this afternoon as Japan took on Switzerland at Mc Arthur Island to make some noise for their teams. A couple fans came all the way from Japan to cheer on their country and prove to be almost as dedicated as the players. 

"Every year they'll go to the world championships , if japan is there , they will go all over the place," said Henry Uyeda, who was translating for Naoto Sauano and Akira Isobe.

They don't know anyone on the Japanese team, but they say they've felt a lot of support for their country in the stands.

"There's a lot of cheering for japan here in Kamloops. He said that a lot of people we wearing the Japanese uniform so they're pretty happy with that,"Uyeda said.  

The rink was full of energy from both teams this afternoon. Marion Schranz watched closely as her daughter and the rest of the Swiss team.

"It's great because a whole bunch of Swiss people who are here from the Swiss club are coming here to help up cheer," said Schranz. 

She has been here for the week supporting her daughter along with other family members of the players, hoping to energize their team from the stands.

Schranz says they will continue to make noise with just one wish.

"I just wish they win the two next games!"

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