Kamloops cop shooter to serve over 14 years in prison

By CFJC Today
March 17, 2016 - 10:12am Updated: March 17, 2016 - 5:47pm

KAMLOOPS — Kenneth Knutson has pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the December 2014 shooting of Kamloops RCMP Cpl. J.R. Michaud.

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It was on Batchelor Drive in the early morning hours of December 3rd 2014, where Kamloops Mountie J.R. Michaud was shot and critically injured.

Today the shooter, Kenneth Knutson entered a guilty plea, admitting to attempted murder using a restricted firearm.

He was sentenced to 16.5 years in jail, less time served.

Crown said Cpl Michaud suffered a collapsed lung fractured rib, and bullet wound to his elbow.

Knutson shot him 6 times, but due to the bullet proof vest, only two bullets penetrated his skin.

Cpl Michaud endured 12 surgeries and spent 122 days in hospital.

After he was shot at, Constable Steve Marcil, who was parked behind Michaud's cruiser, returned fire at Knutson's vehicle, shattering the back window.

Knutson then fled to a Batchelor Heights residence on Raven Drive, sparking a 12 hour manhunt.

He was later arrested.

RCMP Superintendent Brad Mueller says this kind of violence to anyone is alarming, but says a shooting targeted towards an officer strikes the heart of the community.

Mueller says, “today was an opportunity for Cpl Michaud and his family to bring this to a close and finally seeing Knutson held responsible for his actions.”

Mueller says an internal review conducted on the shooting has been completed.

“Based on the findings, training, officer safety skills, tactics and policies were adhered too,” says Mueller.

Supreme Court Justice Austin Cullen told court it is the most serious offense in the Criminal Code.

Justice Cullen says the conviction has an element of intent to kill unlike murder which can be committed with less intent and that Knutson's malicious act of violence will have an impact on Cpl Michaud for many years.

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