Search and rescue teams difference between life and death

By Chad Klassen
February 23, 2016 - 3:36pm

KAMLOOPS — Search and rescue simulations can mean the difference between life and death, getting it right before a real scenario unfolds under unpredictable circumstances. 

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Canadian forces members from CFB Comox and CFB Esquimalt, as well as Search and Rescue teams from around B.C. are in Kamloops this week to practice for pressure situations. 

On Tuesday, crews responded to a simulated search and rescue call, looking for a lost party near Kamloops Lake after a hunting trip gone wrong. 

"This is a simulated hunting party that left in a small helicopter out of Kamloops and they were exploring areas to put down and possibly hunt when they had a mechanical failure and were forced to take a hard landing in the trees," says Sgt. Mark Vokey from CFB Esquimalt. "The patients all survived the crash with relatively minor injuries, but it happened at such an early hour that they've been out in the elements for several hours."

One of the victims, Tyler, suffered lacerations to his right forearm. His two friends suffered leg injuries and had hypothermia, the theme of this week's series of simulations. 

Tyler finally got the attention of the search and rescue crew in the air. He was treated right away upon their arrival before medical personnel make their way to the other two patients. 

The same exercise is happening on Wednesday near Kamloops Lake before a helicopter crash simulation at Fulton Field on Thursday. 

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