Kamloops students collaborate on UVIC research project

By Adam Donnelly
January 12, 2016 - 5:11pm

KAMLOOPS — It’s a big day for some students from Beatty elementary, and Four Directions Secondary School. Today, after weeks of collaboration, the graphic novels they’ve been working on were unveiled at the Henry Grube Centre.

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The novels were produced as part of a research project by University of Victoria professor, Dr. Deborah Begoray.

The project focuses on adolescents, a segment of the population Dr. Begoray says the rest of society might not give as much credence to.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to work on something outside of their regular curriculum, and used the project to tell stories they thought were important.

Alexis Brown is one of Dr. Begoray’s PhD students. She also works for School District 73, and was the local coordinator for the research project. She said the students involved in the project embraced the opportunity to collaborate, and used the graphic novels as a way to tell stories which are important to them.

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