Renewed hope in TRU labour dispute

By James Peters
January 12, 2016 - 1:35pm Updated: January 13, 2016 - 1:43pm

KAMLOOPS — Mediation between Thompson Rivers University and its faculty association will begin Friday January 15.

The two sides have agreed on Mark Brown as the mediator who will attempt to bring them closer together in their contract negotiations.

TRUFA President Tom Friedman says that doesn't mean the union is ruling out beginning job action when it is in a legal position to do so: Thursday January 14.

"We're certainly not making any commitment that we will not take job action, so it is a possibility. Certainly once the parties sit down with a mediator on Friday (January 15) any job action that we will have taken will be suspended," said Friedman. 

He also added mediation sessions are scheduled throughout the weekend.

TRU Vice-President of Administration and Finance Matt Milovick says the two sides need to find much more common ground.

"We are hopeful that the union will hold off on job action, and let the mediation process continue - or if they are going to take job action, to give us the heads up as to what it is going to be so we can inform students properly," Milovick told CFJC Today. 

TRUFA has been without a contract since last spring.

Its chief demands centre around the faculty's involvement in the academic direction of the university

TRU has released a the key proposals that they and the Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association (TRUFA) have on the bargaining table.

Public feedback on Ajax mine proposal again welcome at council