Nicola Valley group purchase biosolid land

By James Peters
December 21, 2015 - 4:35pm Updated: December 21, 2015 - 6:09pm

KAMLOOPS — 19 Nicola Valley residents have pooled their money and purchased a controversial property planned as a biosolids processing site.

The 320-acre parcel at Dry Lake was previously owned by BioCentral.

Georgia Clement of Friends of the Nicola Valley is one of the 19 buyers.

Clement says this is a turning point in the debate. "I think it is the tip of the iceberg, I don't think our job is really finished until this Liberal government understands that there has to be some alternatives to land application of human sewage on the property of British Columbia. People don't realize how detrimental this product is to our health," said Clement. 

Clement adds the subjects of sale are scheduled to come off on January 22.

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