It's not too late to spread holiday cheer

By Adam Donnelly
December 18, 2015 - 5:45pm

KAMLOOPS — It’s just a few days until Christmas, which means the time is getting short to finish shopping for all the goodies that make your Christmas complete.

It also means the clock is ticking for many Christmas charities, to collect, sort and, distribute the donations they’ve received and there’s still plenty to be done at Christmas Amalgamated.

The organization says they’ll do in the neighbourhood of 2,000 hampers this Christmas season

If you have donations to drop off, or you’re the last minute type, Christmas Amalgamated will be working almost as long as Santa himself.

You can drop off your donations to Christmas Amalgamated at their location in Fortune Shopping Centre, just don’t wait too long, you don’t want to end up on the naughty list

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