New software still causing delays for Teachers

By Jessica Lepp
December 9, 2015 - 5:00pm Updated: December 10, 2015 - 6:47am

As teachers work to complete report cards ahead of the Christmas break, the union representing them is making it known that the process has taken significantly longer.

That’s ever since the province required educators to use the new My Education B.C. student reporting program, according to the President of the Kamloops Thompson Teachers Association David Komljenovic.

Komljenovic says teachers are spending up to 80 hours trying to maneuver the glitch and slow computer software.

“It’s an issue where teachers are spending a lot of extra time,” said Komljenovic.

He said, “they already spend a lot of time in evenings and on weekends doing planning. Now they have to battle with this program. It really is a boondoggle program that cost the ministry 100 million dollar. That money could’ve been used to support students in the classroom instead."

While the province admits the software wasn’t able to handle demand when it first went live in September, the ministry says My Education B.C. is now making great strides.

Though KTTA says it was never consulted when the program was being created, Education Minister Mike Bernier insists it was designed by teachers for teachers.

“Since then we’ve seen great strides in the program. It is working well and we’ve done a couple additional changes.  The big thing is this program was actually designed by teachers. It’s been quite a positive step and the speeds have been brought right up to where they’re supposed to be."


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