Prince George Couple Living in France Shocked by Friday’s Attacks

By CKPG News
November 16, 2015 - 4:59pm Updated: November 17, 2015 - 7:00pm

People all over the world are in shock, reacting to the terrorist attacks that happened in Paris Friday night.

One hundred and twenty-nine people were killed in six locations around the city.

Prince George’s Cindy and Dan Marcotte are two months into a year long stay in France.

Cindy Marcotte says the attacks that took place in Paris  Friday night are something they never imagined would mar their time abroad.

“It’s been quite an experience for us. I think like everybody else here we’re just trying to adsorb what’s actually happened.”

The Marcotte’s are staying in Lyon, about a two hour train ride from Paris. But even with the distance, the atmosphere is tense.

“To see the soldiers in the streets, the military is really present in our neighbourhood. In fact there were a whole bunch of them downstairs. They just left just now with machine guns. To see that kind of presence on the streets is just a grim reminder of just how serious this situation is.”

Cindy says despite the violence there has been an outpouring of love.

“We walked down to Place Bellecour which is a five minute walk from our house. Seeing people laying flowers and lighting candles. Seeing the pain and the sorrow on their faces. There’s no way that you can be here where we are and not feel personally involved.”

Here in Prince George, those with a connection to France are also experiencing grief.

Jeff Nze Memigahe has friends and family in Paris.

“First I was very surprised. It’s very difficult to accept because we don’t understand what happened. Why some people can kill other people, and innocent people. It will be very difficult for Le Cerc and the French Canadian community in Prince George. I have a cousin living in Paris and she said me that she’s okay, but for the moment they didn’t go outside in Paris city. They stay at home for a long time.”

Nze Memigahe was in Paris earlier this year when the country experienced similar grief.

“It reminds me of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January because I was in Paris for this moment.”

He says the shock from these events is ongoing.

“People don’t realize but when you see the image, when you see the people, it’s very true.”

The local French Canadian Community plans to host a vigil in the coming days, where the public can come together and honour the victims of Friday’s attacks.

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