Concern over "environmentally sensitive" area in Barnhartvale

By Jessica Lepp
October 5, 2015 - 11:10am

Close to 30 residents of the Uplands neighborhood in Barhartvale gathered for a public meeting Saturday. Those in attendance are opposed to a proposal to turn a hiking trail into a road servicing a gravel pit. The owners of the Hunter pit have submitted an application to the province and in turn the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations is seeking public input on he proposal until October 13th. 

Former Kamloops South Thompson MLA Kevin Krueger was in attendance Saturday. He says the proponent is disrespectful for not seeking public opinion first. He says it's not how modern companies conduct business. Krueger said, judging by Saturdays turnout he doesn't believe anyone will let the project go through. He added that residents don't want dump trucks beating up the road and dropping mud and creating dust, putting children and others at peril.

Resident Diane Cooper says the subdivision existed long before the gravel pit. She says the gravel pit has been up and running for years now and has had easy access to the valley floor through the the Orchards Walk area. She questions why they now want to the change their access route. Cooper noted the proposed location is not only geographically unsafe and deemed a Red Zone by the City of Kamloops, but it's an environmentally sensitive area as well.

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