The Way I See It

By: Daniela Ginta

Daniela Ginta is a mother, scientist, writer and blogger. She can be reached at, or through her blog

To ban or not to ban junk food ads for children

June 12, 2017 - 5:00am

KAMLOOPS — My youngest was about six when he asked what a happy meal is. Someone at school had mentioned it. I said it’s a healthy meal that you eat with the people you love. Cheeky, I know. Then I explained what people refer to when they talk about a ‘happy meal’. Fast food that comes loaded with sugar, salt, fat, and a plastic toy. The plot between the movie industry and fast food was also discussed. You watch, you buy, and you throw away. You become hooked. Repeat. 

He tilted his head, as if to say that is silly. I shrugged; it is. 

Let’s keep green spaces buzzing with life

May 29, 2017 - 5:00am

KAMLOOPS — If you happen by Peterson Creek these days you have likely experienced the persuasion to stay a bit longer than you might have planned. It comes in the shape of thick green bunches of grass, and various wildflowers. Birds abound, and if you’re lucky, you can spot (one of) the resident hawks giving the magpies and crows a run for their money with the daily threat of consuming their offspring. 

Of books and mothers and celebrating both

May 14, 2017 - 5:00pm

KAMLOOPS — I grew up with books. Our living room had tomes lined up in tall bookcases covering entire walls, floor to the ceiling almost. When you’re a kid, that is as close to infinity as it gets. I loved climbing to some of the highest shelves and reaching to the back row where old books hid both enticing adventures and that smell of old paper that to this day is one of the most comforting smells there is.