Demi’s Takes on an Infamous Bully

March 7, 2018 - 6:15am

Demi Lovato recently revealed that she enjoyed singing her hit "Sorry Not Sorry" to an infamous bully - and it seems she is referring to blogger Perez Hilton.

"The other night I got to sing SNS directly to one of USA's most notorious bullies. It felt so f**king great. That's what the song is all about!!! Sorry not sorry that you were in the audience watching me kill it," the 25-year-old singer tweeted.

She added, "And btw - he's remaining nameless because he doesn't deserve the relevance that he doesn't have anymore."

Fans were quick to tag Hilton in Lovato's tweet. He previously made a video about attending her concert over the weekend.

"@DDLovato thinks I'm irrelevant and wants to give me a little relevance by tweeting about me! Watch the video I made about her show HERE:," Hilton responded on Monday. "Sorry I'm not sorry I said nothing but nice things about her and it!"

In the aforementioned video, the gossip columnist said Lovato "vocally sounded amazing."

Hilton released a second video about Lovato on Tuesday. "@DDLovato claims to be an anti-bullying activist. But she sure is coming across like a bully to me! This is my response to her tweets against me! Watch this video in full HERE:," he tweeted.

In response to a fan sticking up for Hilton, he pointed out that Lovato is "bipolar" and said she "has a lot of issues. It's okay."

Lovato has not confirmed that she's talking about Hilton, who started his website over a decade ago. Hilton is known for his ruthless takes on celebrity gossip, but during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010, he announced that he no longer wanted to be a "bully."

Lovato previously called out Hilton in 2016 for liking tweets about her alleged feud with Mariah Carey. Hilton shared her direct messages about the situation telling him to "let it go."


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