Jennifer Lawrence No Regrets

February 26, 2018 - 6:15am

The Oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence has no regrets about giving up school at age 14 to pursue acting. The 27-year-old sat down with Bill Whitaker of CBS60 Minutes on Sunday to dish on her decision, explaining that she struggled in class as a youngster and "never felt very smart."

Lawrence started modeling and when she began reading scripts, she felt like she’d finally found something she could excel at.

  • “I know exactly what it would look like if somebody felt that way. That was a whole part of my brain that I didn’t even know existed,” she tells Whitaker. “And I didn’t want to let it go.”
  • She says she left school to chase her Hollywood dream.
  • Lawrence says: [“I dropped out of middle school. I don’t technically have a GED or a diploma. I am self-educated.”] SOUNDCUE (:12 OC: ...self-educated.)
  • On whether she regrets the decision, she is matter-of-fact: “No. I really don’t. I wanted to forge my own path. I found what I wanted to do and I didn’t want anything getting in the way of it. Even friends, for many years, were not as important to me as my career.”
  • Since turning 20, Lawrence has done two movies a year and is the youngest actress ever to be nominated for four Academy Awards.
  • Separately, Lawrence also spoke out about her famous friendship with Kim Kardashian West, admitting at an event at The Wing: "It's probably a one-sided friendship."
  • On the KarJenner crew more generally, she said: "They are smart, grounded and normal and funny. They're very nice people, [they're] very close, [they have a] loyal bond with one another, which I think is a positive thing to put out into the world."


  • Do you think she did a good job at self-education?
  • Would you ever guess she didn't go to high school?
  • Does hearing this story change your perspective on Jennifer Lawrence?


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Jennifer Lawrence says she dropped out of middle school. The Oscar-winning actress tells Bill Whitaker she didn’t want anything getting in the way of her career. Sunday on 60 Minutes.