Stormy Daniels, key figure in American history, to visit Kamloops strip club

Two & Out
By James Peters
April 12, 2019 - 11:08am
Image Credit: The Canadian Press

KAMLOOPS HAS A HISTORY of punching above its weight when it comes to notoriety in B.C.

It's well-known in journalism circles that, if you're not working in the Lower Mainland, Kamloops is a prime location for news and newsmakers.

So it's in that context that we proudly become the only Canadian stop for Stephanie Clifford on her publicity tour.

You may know her better as Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who was paid $130,000 to stop talking about sleeping with Donald Trump, back when he was only a reality TV star and not the most powerful person in the world.

While Trump still denies the affair, his former lawyer Michael Cohen testified under oath that the payment was made at Trump's direction, one month before the presidential election.

And with the president and his representation embroiled in months of legal proceedings, Stormy Daniels went from adult film star to historical figure.

It was her avenue toward the American Dream — inasmuch as the American Dream wasn't already realized in her previous career.

And so she wrote a tell-all book and embarked on a publicity tour, called 'Make America Horny Again'.

It will be interesting to see if she ever establishes the premise that led to her thesis — specifically, that America had ever ceased being horny.

Daniels seems to approach her place in American history with a decent sense of humour, and why shouldn't she?

It's all too bizarre, and maybe we'll all wake up someday.

The last time a performer at a local gentlemen's club made the news, it was when our fair city hosted Mitzi, an exotic dancer noted for her abilities with various sports equipment.

To go from that to a strip club hosting a woman who could have very well brought down the President of the United States is quite the feat of cultural whiplash.

How could we do anything but laugh?


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