Kamloops girls sell baked goods to raise money for children in Yemen

By Jill Sperling
December 6, 2018 - 4:06pm Updated: December 6, 2018 - 5:31pm

KAMLOOPS — It's a shining example of how young people can make a difference. 

Two students at Summit Elementary have decided to do something about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. 

Eden Peters and Sarah Turnbull learned about the conflict in Yemen and its devastating effects in their Socials class. 

Having a passion for baking, the 10-year-olds have been whipping up some holiday treats to raise money for starving children.

"We learned that it's a really poor country and that there's been war there and the kids are starving," Eden said. 

The girls were moved into action. 

"We started making flyers and thought about what we could put on them and started talking to our parents about everything we could do to help," Sarah said. 

"We thought this really is a good way they can use their skills and their passions," said Eden's father, James Peters. "And, the timing really worked out well with the holiday season. Everybody is going to be entertaining, is going to want some baking, sometimes they want to do it themselves, but maybe not. So, it's really worked out really well."

Sarah and Eden's teacher, Andrew Clare, says once students reach the sixth grade they begin to learn about issues outside their own neighbourhoods. 

"Grade Four is all about the province and then we learn about Canada in Grade Five and by the time they get to Grade Six they're starting to realize not everything in the world is like how it is in our community," Clare said. "So, the natural tendency for students is to want to reach out." 

Clare says the students engaged well with the materials they were given. 

This week, the class is learning about Syria, putting together a Christmas Hamper for a refugee family. 

"We just started collecting some items for a family and we're going to put together a Christmas hamper for a family in our community and try and give them a good Christmas as well," Clare said.

As for Eden and Sarah's fundraiser, the girls have already raised more than $1,000. 

"It makes me feel really proud that we are helping people that are not like us," Sarah said. 

While they won't be accepting any more baking orders, people are still encouraged to support the cause. 

"If people want to first of all, research themselves a little bit about what's going on in Yemen and second if you want  to support what Eden and Sarah are doing, we are donating, once again, to Save the Children," James Peters said. 

"Look up that organization and you can donate directly to them." You can find more information on how to donate here.

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