City of Kamloops plows out clearing first snowfall of the winter season

By James Peters
November 29, 2018 - 3:23pm

KAMLOOPS — It's not much snow, and it's only sticking in the higher elevations, but City of Kamloops Streets and Environmental Services Manager Glen Farrow says the city is on it.

Farrow says plows are out Thursday afternoon (Nov. 29) to clear what is accumulating in the higher neighbourhoods.

"We are prepared; we are ready. We have been on shift for over a month now. We're on shift, our trucks are out and about, materials are ready and we're attacking the snow — even the small amounts that we currently have," said Farrow.

Though the region did get a snowfall in September that quickly melted, this is late in the season to be receiving the first snowfall of the winter — at least compared to the past two winters.

Farrow says that has allowed the city to carry out more minor road repairs than it had anticipated.

"I would suggest having snow in late November is more typical for Kamloops than getting it in early October like we've had the last couple of years," said Farrow. "We've been very thankful for the mild climate that we've had over November.

"With that, we've had the ability to do a lot more patching, as the asphalt facilities have remained open a little bit later than they have the last few years. It's been a great November for us."

City council recently approved funding for more snow-clearing staff for Farrow's department, and the manager says they are being hired in time to jump right in.

"At this point, we're looking to increase each shift by one additional staff. Going up from 10 operators to 11. So we're putting the final touches on hiring some of those as we speak," said Farrow.

Environment Canada is calling for more flurries through this weekend, with sunshine accompanied by cooler temperatures in the forecast for early next week.

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