As session ends, MLA Milobar disappointed at lack of debate on key legislation

By James Peters
November 27, 2018 - 3:18pm

VICTORIA — The fall session of the B.C. legislature came to a roaring conclusion Tuesday, with tensions high in the wake of a scandal involving the Speaker and the legislature's two senior officials.

Kamloops-North Thompson B.C. Liberal MLA Peter Milobar says the government was debating some important pieces of legislation as the session wound down, but they were overshadowed by the controversy.

"It's unfortunate that the past week has kind of overtaken the narrative," said Milobar.

"However, I think the fact that the government waited so late into the session to start introducing some of the more meaningful legislative changes we're seeing today. Basically closure is being invoked on some of the bills to get them moved along because of that delay."

Milobar says he would have appreciated more time to debate some key bills before the session drew to a close.

"Even in my own portfolio, the professional governance model around engineers and foresters... I think we could have spent a lot more time going through the various sections of that new piece of legislation and get a better understanding of the impacts it will truly have moving forward," said Milobar. "But that got rushed and a few other pieces of legislation — like ride-hailing — got rushed as well."

"It's unfortunate that those particular pieces of legislation were left to the very end of the session to be brought forward. But we'll keep an eye on those as they start to unfold, moving forward to regulation."

The legislature is scheduled to return on Feb. 12 with a speech from the throne.

Until then, Milobar says he will have plenty of work in Kamloops-North Thompson.

"It's always nice to get back into the constituency instead of just Fridays to try to have meetings with people and get out into the community — to be able to do that outreach a little bit more. Albeit at Christmas time, it's always that little bit tougher. People are understandably engaging with their families," said Milobar.

"But really it's about making sure our constituency files are moving forward and we're still staying in touch with the communities within the whole riding."

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