Kamloops School of the Arts recognizes Remembrance Day through performance

By Jill Sperling
November 9, 2018 - 4:09pm Updated: November 9, 2018 - 5:24pm

KAMLOOPS — Remembrance Day is on Sunday (Nov. 11) and many schools paid respect to veterans through assemblies today. 

With a poppy over every heart, students of the Kamloops School of the Arts put on a moving Remembrance Day performance. 

The annual assembly encourages reflection through various art forms. 

"It's a part of reflecting about who we are as Canadians," said Principal Sydney Griffith. "How do we honour ancestors and our own history, and how do we reflect on peace in the world and whether we're making the right decisions globally?" 

The performance included poetry, dancing, and choral music. 

Each piece was steeped in meaning. 

"I believe that the song really represented the fact that it's come forward into light more the acceptance of troops," said Grade 12 student Maxwell Gallagher, who performed in the choir. "Beginning after the First World War a lot of troops were shunned for what they had seen, so 'This is my Secret' — it's very simple, to let people see with their heart more." 

The students rehearsed their numbers for weeks, and teachers made sure the message of Remembrance Day was taught in the classroom. 

"This year we were very cognizant of the fact that this is the 100 year anniversary of the first Armistice Day as it was called back then," Griffith said. "So, the teachers and the support staff and all the students knew that this was going to be important." 

Representatives from each class laid a unique wreath in honour of those who have served the country. 

"They choose a theme, they reflect on what the wreath is going to mean and why it's been depicted in the way it has been visually for the art form," Griffith said. 

According to 10th grade student, Andrea Cook, the day remains significant to today's youth, even 100 years after the first Armistice Day. 

"Even though we weren't a part of it a long time ago, and even though it is a part of our history, it's also a part of our future," Cook said. "I hope that the youth continue to remember those who did fight in the war because they are so important and they did so much for our country."

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