X Fest 2018 now playing at Prince Charles Park

By Adam Donnelly
July 10, 2018 - 5:26pm

KAMLOOPS — For the past 12 summers, Project X Theatre has been entertaining Kamloops with their annual X-Fest outdoor theatre festival. This summer, the local theatre group has a pair of shows ready to entertain families once again at Prince Charles Park.

X-Fest is back in Prince Charles Park for its 13th summer and the theme of this years X Fest is The Three Musketeers - in the first production, the Alexandre Dumont classic is adapted by Project X General Manager Dusan Magdolen, who added a bit of a twist to the story’s main characters.

“It’s the story people know, but it takes off on its own direction because the Musketeers are female,” Magdolen explained.

The second show is titled ‘The Three Munsch-keteers’ and is based on the stories of classic Canadian children’s author Robert Munsch. Director of the Three Munsch-keteers, Andrew G Cooper says the show is perfect for families.

“Robert Munsch is a Canadian legend,” Cooper explained. “His stories are so crazy and so fun and so full of magic and imagination, so it’s really fun to pair the Munsch-keteers with the Musketeers.”

Both Cooper and Magdolen agree there’s something special about doing theatre outdoors in Prince Charles Park, which is one of the elements that makes X Fest such a success year after year

Tickets to both shows are available at Kamloops Live Box Office. For the full schedule, click here.

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